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Specialist Cleaners-Specialist Personal Chef

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We will give you your weekends back!


We are WAY more than just cleaners.
We do everything.
We will provide a service based on your requirements & budget.


Simply the most delicious reason to have dinner at home.

—–Irene is worth every penny we pay her.  She looks after everything to do with our home.  The gardens & house always look immaculate.  If something breaks or needs treatment, Irene gets it done.  Her crew are well trained & I  focus entirely on my business & children without any domestic worries.  She even does ‘Mini Adult Sleepovers’ when I have an overnight business agenda…….she’s indispensable.  If she re-located to another city, I would too. 

Sound too good to be true? Well she’s not – she actually exists! Irene is amazing! We have known Irene for a number of years and her enthusiasum, dedication, energy, and many skills are unsurpassed by anyone else we know. She looks after our architecture business when we are overseas, and cares for and loves all of our animals. Our house is immaculate when we return, and the fridge is bursting with home cooking. She truly is an amazing lady. Chris and Brigid – Designpoint Architecture

—- Irene has managed our business & looked after our apartment renovations in our absence, enabling us to have a well earned holiday & come home to a healthy state of business affairs & a sparkling, well organised home. ’


—- ’Irene moves into my business & my home every time I go on holiday. I return to increased gross turnovers, a spotless, well stocked house, delicious food in the freezer & a list of recommendations for improvements. She’s worth every penny”.